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The creation of Petrovöll came after decades of unsatisfactory experience with diverse lubricants in the market that were eating away the very assets of a leading construction company responsible for providing the livelihood of over 15,000 employees.

The need to protect the company’s thousands of tons of heavy machinery, brought together an expert team of developers and quality engineers to create a line of products that would stand firmly as the benchmark for high quality lubricants in tests under the most extreme and harsh conditions.

After years of observation, testing and continuous research & development, the Petrovöll brand was proudly created and positioned as the superior quality lubricant product providing ultra-protection and the highest level of performance.

At present, Petrovöll GmbH is dedicated to reliably supply customers in over a dozen countries around the world through a rapidly expanding distribution network.


Petrovöll GmbH is committed to producing the widest and most diversified range of premium automotive, industrial & marine lubricants as well as high temperature greases.

Our main R&D site is located in Bochum, Germany and our state-of-the-art production facility in the Abu Dhabi Industrial Zone. Within these sites, we strive to do everything possible to remain true to our vision of creating only the highest quality products that meet or even exceed the world’s strictest requirements and API standards.

Product quality, constant technological updating and prompt & accurate customer service are our main priorities. To ensure that our products meet all the required international specifications, our quality control laboratory set-ups come equipped with the latest petroleum testing tools and equipment.

Furthermore, we utilize only the best European/German technology in our manufacturing processes to produce quality products that conform to the most current industry standards.

Through these efforts, our customers are thus assured of getting only the best products for their specific lubrication needs.