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  1. Have an existing lubricant / auto spares business, which is strategically located in a major city.
  2. Have an existing marketing and distribution network in the region.
  3. To meet a sales target for exclusive distribution.
  4. Evidence of financial capability.

Advance your business:
There are powerful advantages to becoming a Petrovöll Lubricant distributor:

  1. Access to a wide array of marketing material.
  2. Support from Petrovöll’s technical and sales personnel.
  3. Extensive online and offline training.
  4. Access to current product research and testing results.
  5. Innovative product line and technical training.

We welcome the chance to speak to you about becoming a Petrovöll distributor; together we can uncover new growth opportunities for your business; where the benefits will be mutual on the long run.

Marketing support:
Petrovöll is committed to its brand and its distributors. For this Petrovöll has a customized marketing plan to address specific market requirements of its individual distributors worldwide.

Advertising and Promotions Support:
Our global advertising and communications efforts are designed to maximise the Brand’s exposure. These campaigns will give your products optimal visibility as well as allow for promotional implementations at a local level.

Advertising/Marketing Materials will include periodic promotions throughout the year:

  • To drive traffic & strengthen Brand awareness
  • To introduce new product offerings
  • To push existing products
  • To launch tactical and seasonal campaigns

Financial support will be given for promotional / advertising efforts initiated by the Distributor.

For more information please send us email at

I. Company Information

II. Organization

Is your company a division or subsidiary or another company?
Does your company sell through independent sales representatives, agents or direct sales channels?
Please provide us with your company’s sales (in USD) for the following years:
List the names of the following principal executives:

III. Sales & Marketing

Are these sales representative experienced in Motor Oil products sales?
Will you hire or appoint a marketing manager for our products?
How do you promotionally support your product lines in general?
* Advertising:
* Promotions:
Number of accounts and distribution channels
Of all your accounts, please provide number in each category:

IV. Logistics

Do you store multiple products in the same physical location?